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Small Business

We understand small businesses, because we are one.

We are a small organization founded in 2004 by two (2) Malaysian.

We started QOBC Dot Com as a blog. We then upgraded it to become a simple commercial website mainly because we firmly believed that web & mobile technology should be made available to all, especially small businesses (regardless of business type, size or countries).

Regrettably, the studies have shown that many small businesses can’t afford to develop a mobile-friendly website or promote their business online, even though they know this new technology can be leveraged to transform their business. That’s why we are here.

Our goal was simply to help small businesses to get more business online.

We build website, video and AI chatbot

We offer a wide range of web and digital services on minimum budget.

We provide simple & premium website design services, product or promotion video creation, AI chatbot development, Android app development, dozens of powerful online marketing apps, E-commerce solutions and more.

We hope you enjoy our services & products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or via email myqobc@gmail.com

Why you should trust us?

Thanks for keep reading. Let me explain why you should trust us.

Industry Standard Solutions

We develop everything based on a worldwide widely accepted industry standard. As an example: our mobile responsive website is based on World No #1 platform – WORDPRESS (WP) which powered more than 75 millions websites worldwide, i.e., Sony Music, Forbes, eBay, Samsung, IBM and more.

If you trust WP, you can trust us too because we use exactly the same platform to develop your website. Also, WP is very easy to maintain and updates by anyone with basic computer knowledge, so you can avoid been overcharged.

Facts & Stats

  • Website Development
  • AI ChatBot
  • Product Video Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Android App Creation

Working with Real People

You will be communicating and working with real people*. Personally, one of our partners has been invited to speak in a few open seminars organized by local business associations and groups.

*Yes, we use AI Chatbot (aka Sales & Support Web Robot) to assist us when we are not available.

Real World Experience

We own and manage technology, lifestyle and travel related blogs. Our honest opinions and suggestions are based on real-world experience, not just theory. Most of the plugins, add-ons, functionalities are fully tested on our sites.


Smart Home Office (SHO)

In order to offer affordable web & digital solutions to small-sized local businesses, we moved to a Smart Home-Office (SHO) in Johor Bahru (Malaysia GMT +8). In additional to the SHO, we set up a Mobile Office, so we can hit the road and provide value from anywhere. These low-cost setups help us to cut down unnecessary costs and return the savings to our customers.

Please click here to see our city location (just next to Singapore).

“… by operating from SHO & Mobile Office, we do not incur the expensive overhead associated with the infrastructure and staff. While most of the other web & digital companies spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing gimmicks, pay a high salary to CEO and admin team, our philosophy is that we would rather improve the customer experience and rely on repeat business …”